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After I had photographed the aircraft on the ground, some more pilots flew in.  MVC-247F.JPG (151254 bytes)  MVC-248F.JPG (232337 bytes)  MVC-249F.JPG (247962 bytes)  MVC-250F.JPG (227918 bytes)  MVC-251F.JPG (226804 bytes)  MVC-252F.JPG (217092 bytes)  

Here are more photos of the flightline: MVC-253F.JPG (270837 bytes)  MVC-254F.JPG (277647 bytes)  Here are some photos of some of the pilots leaving the airfield for their flight back home: MVC-255F.JPG (248296 bytes)  MVC-256F.JPG (75398 bytes)  MVC-257F.JPG (149555 bytes)  And a close-up picture: MVC-258F.JPG (258894 bytes)

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