My Ultralight Fly-in Website

This website is dedicated to pilots everywhere.  No I don't just mean the Chuck Yeagers, but rather the backyard, small turf airfield hoppers that fly the experimentals, home-builts, small general aviation aircraft and the ultralights.  This is my idea of fun!  I have dreamed about or have been involved in aviation for over 30 years but only recently have had the opportunity to fly ultralights.  I am a member of the Indy Flyers Ultralight Aircraft club in Indiana and that has opened the door for me.  Check out our official website is here:  I have another website for ultralights and that is here:

  1. On Saturday June 3, 2000 I attended a fly-in at a small airfield in Nulltown Indiana - Home of the Nulltown Wingnuts, an aviation club.  Visit their official website here:  To see some of the aircraft that flew in for this show, go here: Nulltown Fly-in, page 1.
  2. On Saturday July 1, 2000 I attended the fly-in at Shawnee Field in Bloomfield, Indiana.  To see the pictures for that fly-in, go here: Shawnee Fly-in.
  3. On Saturday August 12, 2000 I attended the fly-in at Les Wheeler's Westfield Airport in Westfield Indiana.  To see the pictures from that fly-in, go here: Westfield